Pink Wipes have arrived!

Finally! There is now a quick natural way to freshen up throughout the day! Introducing the first naturally formulated cleansing wipe, designed for a quick, convenient way to freshen up! Individually wrapped, Pink Wipes allow you the option to quickly freshen up without having to use harsh soaps or alcohol. Check out why these wipes are quickly becoming a purse must-have!
Pink Wipes are now being offered at your local spas, waxing bars, and yoga studios!


Pink Wipes are Biodegradable, which is great for you, and even better for the environment!

Paraben Free

Parabens are widely used in cosmetics even though they are known to be toxic! They can even interfere with hormone function. Watch out for products that contain Parabens!


Pink Wipes are Hypoallergenic, which means there is no chance of having a negative or allergic reaction. Safe for all body parts!